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Castle Crashers Blacksmith DLC.

2012-01-05 23:57:36 by HaimLZ

This DLC is quite old, but today I was in the mood for Castle Crashers so I payed right after I downloaded the Blacksmith DLC, which I loved since my favorite color is purple and my favorite role is BlackSmith. Sadly you don't get to do any blacksmithing ... Anyways, I loved it balls, and it is now my favorite character in castle crashers.

Thanks Dan and Tom.

I just got up from the floor.

2011-12-17 04:31:45 by HaimLZ

I feel like uploading the rest of the pages of the last version of my comic (Which I stopped making) and also upload the pages of the new version (Which I just started and I'm still making).

Also, If you feel like checking it out right now go to my Devora or visit the main website.

I just got up from the floor.

What a Dick!!

2011-07-28 18:44:13 by HaimLZ

Have you ever created a different account just to troll someone anonymously?
I haven't, but It has happened to me a couple times.

People are just scared to tell something at your face, or just find that really amusing.

That's right, tomorrow I'll be releasing the first page of my Webcomic called Nelson Sipp, it will be available to read on deviantArt, SmackJeeves, and for some reason Newgrounds.

It will get updates every Thursday, and It will go on until I finish the first volume, probably between 150-200 pages, probably more. There might be Double or maybe Triple Updates depending on how busy my week gets.

Be Sure to check out Nelson Sipp Tomorrow, Now for the Links:


Redesigns + Feedback Required

2011-05-31 02:40:03 by HaimLZ

Redesigns of Kitty and Betty are almost finished, and I'm also making some new girls, girls with guns.

Recently I'm working on SAI, it's Kitty and I'll like some feedback, tell me if her new body is not far frow the old kitty.

Redesigns + Feedback Required

Ego and The Girls + Redesigns.

2011-01-19 19:41:10 by HaimLZ

Months and I haven't finished that.

I lost the old Flash file and now I'm finishing it on Photoshop from a image of it i found on my NG Dump.

Just need a little inking and colouring.
(BTW what's the different between Coloring and Colouring?)


Redesigning Kitty and Betty.

Check'em out and tell me what can i change/add/remove/replace.

Ego and The Girls + Redesigns.

Lets pretend someone actually cares...

2010-12-15 23:18:02 by HaimLZ

Subject: Nelson Sipp

This is not a fresh idea it came about 4 or 5 years back when i was really into videogames, i wanted to be a game developer, me and my friend were really interesting in videogame ideas. so by myself i create this little story about a nameless guy who has this girl and the girl kinda goes crazy and set up all this levels and all this stupid bosses (btw she's like the princess of the story), so he monthly fights all this little bastards, power up, get like armor things from every boss.

It was a hell of a story.
Basically it was a game about fucke'd up stuff in real life.

Now the guy has a name, the girl is like less crazy, and the bosses are like humans now (they weren't).

during this holidays i'll work harder on get the story done to start with the animation, character designing can wait. I have like two characters fully designed, but all the main characters which are more than 6 have their stories done, personality, backstory, history, etc.

I can care less about this project but I'm hooked up to it.


Also I'm making a comic which is about really random stuff, and the main character is black, his name is RG and there are other three main characters called: Pakku-Pakku (Girl who was found inside a Pac-Man arcade machine), Lil Espo (49% Mexican, which resembles to my Gamertag which is the name of a sword from an older story of mine), and Canaan (hes a really awkward male).
the story is now quite finished but it will be soon enough.

no image today, how sad is that?

So wish me a happy birthday bitch or i will commit suicide in your bed while you sleep tonight... i might get a little dirty first.

well, yeah... 17 what a number.

Is my B-Day Today and i want to partay.

Pamela/Samurai/Gunslinger/Mr. Riveira's Daughter

2010-11-17 22:41:37 by HaimLZ

So far:

Pamela... well, she's a challenge, she came with the actual story (Before she apeared Nelson Sipp wasn't Nelson Sipp, it was a titleless story about a videogame, then Became a story about a guy that lives in a videogame-like world)

Note the 6 stars on her clothing (refering to Kitty Heatshot's background)... can you find'em all?

Pamela/Samurai/Gunslinger/Mr. Riveira's Daughter

Long time no see.

2010-11-13 23:47:06 by HaimLZ

I haven't really got into animation yet but the story is going well, also I been working on character designing and animation styles, I change the whole anatomy of the characters and add some crazyness to the world.

Level 1:

Long time no see.