Ego and The Girls + Redesigns.

2011-01-19 19:41:10 by HaimLZ

Months and I haven't finished that.

I lost the old Flash file and now I'm finishing it on Photoshop from a image of it i found on my NG Dump.

Just need a little inking and colouring.
(BTW what's the different between Coloring and Colouring?)


Redesigning Kitty and Betty.

Check'em out and tell me what can i change/add/remove/replace.

Ego and The Girls + Redesigns.


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2011-02-24 23:32:36

I think it's like the difference between mom and mum.

HaimLZ responds:

So there's no difference, is just a way to say it?


2011-06-16 01:46:44

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