Entry #26

Castle Crashers Blacksmith DLC.

2012-01-05 23:57:36 by HaimLZ

This DLC is quite old, but today I was in the mood for Castle Crashers so I payed right after I downloaded the Blacksmith DLC, which I loved since my favorite color is purple and my favorite role is BlackSmith. Sadly you don't get to do any blacksmithing ... Anyways, I loved it balls, and it is now my favorite character in castle crashers.

Thanks Dan and Tom.


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2012-01-23 22:11:21

I heard you think Martin here is a little bitch.

Good job my friend, good job.

(Updated ) HaimLZ responds:

LOL, that's how good friends say hi. I actually like him very much.


2012-01-23 22:14:12

I actually went through and high fived some of your stuff since you hate him too. but your drawings are really good too, so it's not like I was spamming. C:

HaimLZ responds:

Thanks. And Sorry.


2015-04-25 04:07:54